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> Download Windows security updates

> Verify if your Microsoft Software is Genuine
If your Software is not genuine you will be unable to download security updates, leaving your computer vulnerable

> Schools Minister "Children must have home PC access"
ErwinIT provide consultancy and support for home and small businesses. We specialise in website design & database development. We have many sample website & database templates to choose from; or you can work with us to design your own custom solutions.

We will build static or dynamic websites to fit your needs. Static websites can be maintained & updated for you; or we can create dynamic sites that allow you to maintain and update content on your website as needed.
Services Provided
Don't get left behind the competition, take full advantage of the latest IT Developments with the help of ErwinIT.

We provide:

Website development & hosting

Broadband installation

Hardware configuration & software

Email configuration

Customised database solutions

IT Training

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